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Flat but very tough were the main fokus of Yesterdays race. Jobmates rode the Stephon st. Spar Cycle Challenge 85km race in Vanderbijl park. The team had a lots of bad luck with 1 flat wheel and 2bikes seat post came lose in the race. We had Microsoft's brilliant team as main rivals and the race statred with a furios pace, I managed to brake away at the 12km mark pulling James Ball (Microsoft) with me, soon after that the brake away grew to 5 riders. After lots of attacks and counter-attacks did a brake go free and finished about 2min infront of the main bunch who decreased to about 20riders in the last 25kms. Our average were 42km/h on a windy flat rode! Still a brilliant ride with Microsoft taking most of the honours.. Did anyone else ride? ::)
Only realised there was a race when it was too late ::)
It was a windy day yesterday, so a 42k average is excellent. Well done guys! Looks like James is having a ball (pardon the pun). Did he take the win?
Yes he did take the win... In style. There is two races on Saterday 4 May. One is called Monkey Mountain held in Carltonville 80km and the other is Provincial League race held by the SACF at the Lido Johannesburg. The Jobmates team will be at the league race due to the fact that Glen Campbell out team leader is leading the league races on points. In second place is Nicholas White HSBC who trails with 5points. So you can imagine what battle are we upto. Sunday has a kermess not sure where though. Will let everyone know how the league race went.. Enjoy the weekend Regards Cosmos.
:) :)
Hi Cosmos

42 avg is definitely SENDING IT :)

I knew about the St Spar Race, but I was taking a well deserved break after Tour D'Urban of the Sunday, so riding that race on Wednesday was a bit toooo soon!

Are you up for the Emerald Casino one, this coming weekend? It's the second race the Emerald will be hosting. Their first one was very enjoyable, so I'll be back there. :)
I was going to do the Emerald race too, but then the sudden fall in temperature this week sent me a little gift - a throat infection!
aarrggg, don't you just find that frustrating? when the mind is willing, but the body isn't, or can't! :-/ :'(

Well, use the time for a REST which we always hear is just as important. I know I feel much better having taken a week's break after Durbs.

Hope you feel better soon! :D
Hi all luckely when the weather is all down and cold, at least we know that this forum Rocks and is nice hot! The weather can really put a damp on the training but we all know that winter training is hard but very important!
With all these races so quick after one another Our whole team started to take strain. The Last weekend we rode a Provincial League again and that wasn't pretty. It was a 120km race, Juniors,U23 and Elite started together so we were a big bunch. It was so hard and vurious that I only lasted for 22km, just to find myself riding into a huge wall. It was 3laps of 40km on the Lido circuit just behind Alberton. The team leader still finished 5th trying to fight of the whole Ster-kinekor V team, Jobmates also had 2 riders in the second peleton. Now it is back to the drawing board for Jobmates. Not sure what race are we doing this weekend but I will keep yous posted... In the meantime..Keep up the posts ;)