South African warning...what the?



South African warning
Hermanus South Africa has claims to being the world's best land based whale-watching spot, however, as far as cyclists go, it is every man for themselves.

Cyclists have been warned to be on the lookout after several attacks were reported on the Swartdam road near Zwelihle in Hermanus in the past few weeks.

On Friday an elderly cyclist was attacked by a man armed with a golf club who tried to rob him of his bicycle, police inspector Eben Groenewald said.

On the same day, three youths attacked another two cyclists, but a police patrol was present and arrested one of the youths.

A second youth was later arrested.

Is it really this bad over there fallas?
Hermanus is one of the most beautiful spots in South Africa. It's an MTB paradise. Beautiful scenes all around. Excellent for whale watching (Southern Right whales frequent the area). Majestic mountains. Pretty girls are everywhere. In summertime, tourists flock there to get away from it all. Unfortunately, tourists and holiday makers attract criminals.
I guess if someone is hungry enough to kill you for 20 bucks, knocking a cyclist off his bike to steal it for money is no big deal in the eyes of a criminal.
Its a sad sad situation... :(

Some shots of Hermanus and the surrounding area:




This makes me wonder why some cyclists I know want to start carrying firearms with them. :-X
a few people for the USA have mentioned carrying firearms (on another forum)
Sad to say I carry a gun if out alone on the MTB. It's a 7.65 Walther PPK. Had a bad experience two years ago. (That's when I should have been wearing a recording HRM! THEN I would have known what my true HRmax was! :eek:). I know the answer "Don't go out alone!", but hell, I ride a bike because of the freedom it gives! But hopefully I'm pretty aware of what going on around me. I'm quite willing to use the gun and THEN ask if the guy really needed R20 for food! I reckon 95% of the criminals in this country are into crime not because they're hungry but because it is an easy, well paid and pretty risk free way of life these days.
i find it amazing how people over there are scared to bike by themselves. if i was afraid to ride alone id never ride :). The situtation here is not that bad that is for sure. oldtimer wouldnt the gun be heavy? wouldnt it be lighter ;)(and better for climbing) to carry a spray? like MACE. ;D
Do not think there will be any time to use the mase. If you get it out in time, just be sure to point the nozzle in the right way, otherwise you'll spray yourself. :eek: