South from Auckland, get me to S. Island


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Dec 14, 2009
Im flying in to Auckland mid January. Any suggestions on a route south to ferry across to S island? as little bs as possible please.
likes_to_roam said:
Im flying in to Auckland mid January. Any suggestions on a route south to ferry across to S island? as little bs as possible please.

Flick me a PM and I'll give you a blow by blow. Two questions, what daily distance and how many days do you want to take?
Does PM mean personal message? Couldnt say miles per day, I tend to get distracted. I dont have any plans to leave for awhile, but am eager to head to the south island. Get away from the busy roads. It seems like there are alot less of those on down south.
PM is personal message.

And you're not giving me a whole lot to go with there.
Specifics like camping, motels, hotels, etc. How many days you want to take to go from Auckland to Wellington, etc, are all pretty useful information for me to help you.

If you have all the time in the world, then I can route it through tiny back roads all the way, but if you have some time limitations, then there are compromises.
Back roads all the way. I dont have any restrictions, just reservations, about riding in congested cities. Anything but just taking SH1 south, please. Thanks for the help. And Ill be pitchin tent, so no need for any hotels or such. I dont really do the "campsite" thing if ever possible, but Im open to some choice suggestions. Cant stand throwing down 10 bucks just to sleep.
Given the paupacity of details you have provided so far, you may be better to just buy a large scale road map, avoid SH1 and just meander down under your own plotting.
well i gather from the tone of your messages, which have all produced a feeling of being inconvenienced. Im thinking paupacity(real word?), means few or sparse. I think its pretty easy to tell from my posts that I have no plans, only a desire to get off the main road and head south immediately. What are you missing here? You said you could direct me south on back roads. what changed?

I know how to read a map, thanks for the suggestion. I simply wanted some hints towards a low traffic route. Plotting my own trail will keep me off SH1. unfortunetly nobody makes a map describing each roads conjestion level for the season, or anytime.

Anybody else have something helpful to add?
Once you get off the main arterials, like SH1, most of the roads are pretty quiet, so just plot a southerly course and you'll be fine. The road through Paeroa and Te Aroha is scenic, but narrow in places so not sure if that would be to your liking. However, it is fairly low traffic. Beyond, that I have no suggestions regarding the North Island.

As for the South Island, I recommend riding down the West Coast - not an easy ride if you don't like hills but very scenic and the main road is very quiet (as are the towns) just make sure you pack industrial strength insect repellent. The black flies are vicious and leave nasty itchy bites that take weeks to completely clear up.

BTW, have you had a look at for suggested routes?

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