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May 6, 2002
I really do hate spammers I didnt really care before now but someone has spammed and I have been the victim!

My webhosting has many servers one of them is someone made an email which linked the image to that address so the images showed up in the email without him attaching it. This was then sent to millions of people and the servers couldnt cope! so my site was down from 1:00pm GMT today till just now!
Yep, spammers are a downright nuisance. Why they get a kick out of it beats me. Things that really pee me off are chain letters and hoaxes. Hate them with a passion! :mad:
I too hate them with a passion. What really bugs me is some imbecile sending a chain letter with some lame message that takes up 264kb on my inbox because of all the stupid tossers who forwarded it on. Are people really stupid enough to believe that they will never have sex again if they don't forward it on to 5 people in the next 3.2 seconds (and will die instantly if they accidentally send it to 4 or 6 people.

My home IP was recently banned from Yahoo's e-mail service because of something I sent to a spammer. Funny how they enforce their "no naughty stuff" policy, but not their no spam policy. It's also funny how they kept my account open, so I can still log on from work (not that it's worth that much trouble).
We blocked all email addresses for awhile, this caused problems with legit email for some customers....but you get what you pay for ::)

Something else that ***** me is, ******** customers who leave their mailserver open to relay spam. WTF sort of IT people are they employing? god damn fools hehe They're as bad as the spammers IMO.

and one more thing that ***** me, awhile back some spammers started making up fake addresses as their replyto address, no big deal right? wrong......we got quite a bit of abuse from anti spam ****ers who cant read headers, who thought the mail came from our network.....again they're as bad as spammers.

Spammers and the **** that comes out of the woodwork with them sux ;D
I h8 hackers too mess up ya computer that costs u £1000 and people that threaten to hack ur site and neva do.