Spd cleat position- help!


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Feb 13, 2020
I’m new to cycling- I have found that I love indoor spin. I bought a pair of shoes and will be wearing them to class for the first time this week. I am installing the cleats but I’m confused! The metal holes where the cleats will be screwed into are not even. On the left shoe they are positioned on the bottom and on the right shoe they are towards the top. Is this normal?? If they are supposed to move, is there a trick?

I’m sorry for my ignorance- this is all new to me! But thank you in advance for your help!


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There are metal inserts under the soles of the shoes. The threaded holes you see poking through the slots of the sole belongs to those inserts. The inserts can slide fore-aft the length of the slots. Sometimes there can be a bit of excess glue from assembly holding the insert in one place, making difficult to move.
Try mounting the cleat loosely, and tap it fore-aft with moderate force until it breaks free.
Then pick your position and tighten down.