SPD pedal reassembly? Shimano M520

Simon L wrote:

> One side of these pedals failed last week (it looks like the springs
> ended up on the wrong side of the tensioning bolt for some reason).
> Now I've taken them apart, has anyone got a document or instructions
> for reassembly?
> Shimano have a technical manual but this has no exploded view.
> http://cycle.shimano-eu.com/media/cycling/techdocs/en/actionsports/PD/
> SI-41R0D_v1_m56577569830563133.pdf
> Bugger. I'm supposed to be off to Cwmcarn tomorrow for some mtb
> related sillyness.

Always try the US or Aussie sites first...


> Always try the US or Aussie sites first...

Thanks. I don't think this is going back together without some special
equipment though.