"spd" shoes for Time cleats

Discussion in 'Cycling Equipment' started by BomoSammo, Jul 31, 2009.

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    Hi all,

    Are there any spd style shoes made for the more relaxed, social side of recreational cycling that you can fit Time cleats to?
    All 5 of my bikes have Time clipless pedals and I love my Sidi road racing shoes but I now find myself living in Chicago where there is a huge social cycling scene.
    I want a pair of shoes that I can fit Time cleats to but also be able to walk around and cut some serious shapes to the bands at the street festivals having ridden there.
    Yes, I know that Time cleats are brass and not as hard wearing as the steel spd's but i'm not talking about rambling for miles, just soles that would give the same level of protection to the cleats as an spd shoe.
    Why don't I just buy spd pedals and get on with it? Well, I just don't really want to have a number of different pedals types if I can help it.
    Why don't I just put normal pedals on? . . well, the Time pedals are on already and I like riding with clipless pedals.
    Anyone have any suggestions?


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    Time MTB pedals? They use the same 2 bolt attach method as SPD MTB pedals so any shoe compatible with SPD is compatible with Time MTB pedals.