SPECIAL PRESENTATION: Andy Coggan and Hunter Allen 2-part-Webinar, Dec. 3rd and 9th!


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Feb 3, 2008
Geoff Vadar said:
LOL. You idiot. I'd smash you on the bike. Anyway its not an issue of being bitter its about fair mindedness. For small enterprises/businesses/stand alone coaches I dont have an issue being fed their ideas/value propositions/product announcements. They need these sorts of communication channels.

Larger corporations with significant turnover should NOT use forums to spam targeted consumers. Its about not taking advantage of people. We would all like this forum to continue and we would all like this forum to improve.

People like Hunter and the company he represents should pay a nominal amount to help get the website fixed if he wishes to only come here to promote his widgits. I have nothing against him or Coggan - I would be the same with any company of relative scale.

Make no mistake I am right. Put up some cash to advertise in the appropriate channel else use your forum signature to advertise your widgits but DO NOT start threads trying to sell people. It is taking advantage of people.

This forum deserves to earn at least enough money to be maintained.
The Peaks Coaching Group is hardly what you could class as a large corporation. If Trek, Specialized or Shimano started looking for freebies then maybe there'd be an issue, but for folk who provided tools that many on here already use then I really don't see what the issue is, especially when in cycling terms the cost is less than what you'd spend on consumables in a month or two.

How 'bout this. If you expect people to observe a common courtesy of not advertising in here and ponying up some cash to advertise products and services in the Sponsors and Links section, then maybe you should extend the same courtesy to those who like to read news/opinions about Grand Tours and keep your ad infinitum trash talking about drugs in the forum about drugs... No wonder there's a thread in there called "This forum is dying"

... and yes, you probably would smash me on the bike. If you can't go faster than a guy with lung function issues who's 40lbs heavier than when he used to race then you should consider hanging up your bike. No longer can I maintain 340watts nor I am ~140 to 145lbs and I certainly aint planning on riding a long 20 or short 21 minute 10 mile time trial again anytime soon.


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Oct 24, 2004
I find it odd that I saw none of the other usual power forum members complain about the announcement for the opportunity to view a presentation, but someone whom is not usually seen contributing to the Power Training threads steps in to speak as if appointed as a sole spokes person for all those who are interested in learning about training with power.

I think both Coggan and Hunter can overlook that one indvidual has expressed their opinion, but the majority on the thread seemed to take interest in the announcement. Perhaps others may view this as spamming, but at least they went on to other important matters in their life rather than trolling.

I hope both individuals will continue to post the announcements on this forum and within this thread because I would probably not see the announcement in any other venue.

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