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  1. Program Note: "The Competitors" and a "Special Sea Otter Classic, powered by SRAM, preview show",
    April 3rd, 2003.

    a.. It's long way from Benjamin Franklin's time, now at the end of a kite string is Adam Cook. He
    is making an attempt to ride his Kiteboard across to Catalina Island. Bob & Paul talk to him
    this week. Plus they catch up with Bob Hansen, director of San Diego Crew Classic & former World
    Champion Jimmy Ricatello. Listen to "The Competitors" April 3rd, at 9am PST.

    b.. Immediately following "The Competitors" listen to a special edition of "Wheels of Steel". This
    will be our Sea Otter, powered by SRAM preview show. We'll talk to one of the events founders,
    Rick Sutton. If you have questions for Rick, please email. The person with the best question
    wins a special prize. Also during the program we'll hear from Gary Fisher, plus we'll have
    analysis from announcers, riders, and managers. Listen starting at 10am PST, April 3rd.

    Upcoming Schedule:

    Sea Otter Broadcast Schedule:

    · 4/09--8:30am 3:30pm. Elite Road Circuit Race, Stage 1.

    · 4/11--12pm-6pm. Elite Fatboy Criterium & Elite Road Criterium, Stage 3.

    · 4/12--10am-6:30pm. Elite Road Race, Stage 4. Elite MTB Short Track, Elite Dual Slalom Finals, and
    Elite MTB Jump Contest.

    · 4/13--12:30am-4:30pm. Elite MTB Cross-Country.

    all times Pacific Standard.

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