Specialized Alias Saddle

cyclepath said:
Has anyone tried this seat? What is the feedback so far?


I just purchased the Alias saddle after a search for a more comfortable saddle than the Flite I rode for 8 years. On my way to the Alias, I tried the SLK and found it to be pretty harsh. So....I bought the Alias and have ridden it about 1K miles over the past few months and find it to be very comfortable. My longest ride so far has only been about 60 miles, but I feel if the seat was going to be a problem, it should show up within the first 60. I also have tried an Arrowhead gel-around saddle and find it also to be comfortable even though I haven't been a big fan of gel saddles.

So....I would vote for the Arrowhead if you are super conscious of weigh, other wise, I am very happy with the Alias even though it is slightly heavier.

Also....if you buy the Alias on line, Specialized will give you a true no hassle 30 day return period. I asked the LBS if they would extend the same guarentee and they agreed.

Good luck to you!
Yep...my LBS did the same thing for me, mostly so that we could make sure that I got the saddle size right. Nothing is more subjective than saddle comfort. What works great for my riding buddies rarely translates to the same for me. The Alias is a really great saddle as far as I am concerned. It's light, offers plenty of riding and sit positions, and is holding up really well. I have over 2,000 miles on mine and am calling it a definitely keeper. Just make sure that your LBS fits you. That makes a big difference.

Hope this helps. ;)
I have gone through quite a few saddles with very little luck finding a comfortable one. I recently bought an Alias and it is the best I have had so far. After a month or so now of riding, I think this will be my long-term saddle.
i bought a new bike that came with the Alias. i liked it so much that i dumped my nearly new selo san remo seat and bought a second Alias.

no regrets, except that i didn't discover that seat sooner ! i wasted $100 on the selo !!

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