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Jul 27, 2016
Deciding to get either 2016 Specialized Allez DSW Elite (Tiagra) or 2015 Felt F75 (105), both are on sale from 2 different LBS..price difference of $100 more on F75. Is there really a noticeable difference with a '15 105 groupset and '16 Tiagra? I really like the F75 geometry, but my neck and back may thank me with the allez on longer distance rides. The sleek low-profile and colorway of the spesh (satin charcoal) is very sexy imo.

Another LBS has a Cannondale CAAD10 105 (FSA crankset) in my size (clearance) assembled for a little more than the F75, although I'm trying not to go overbudget, a lot going on with the decals, dirt-magnet white saddle and hbar wraps.

Any input on these bikes are much appreciated!

BTW, I'm coming from Single-speed Langster '15

you unknowingly already answered your own question, the Felt fits you best so that's the one to get. Besides the Felt has better components, yes the 105 is noticeably better than the Tiagra and will last longer in my opinion.

If the LBS will allow you to swap parts for only the difference in the cost of the upgrade part and the original part I would recommend going with Ultegra rear derailleur and leave the rest 105, that upgrade shouldn't cost more than $25.

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