Specialized and carbon seat posts

Discussion in 'Cycling Equipment' started by GettingFaster, Jun 17, 2005.

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    I could really do with some help please. I have a Specialized EL05 frame and a carbon seatpost. The seat tube on the frame isn't a circular cross-section, it has an elongated bit at the back (difficult to describe but anyone with one of these frames will know what I mean.) The seatpost on the other hand is just a circular cross-section. Now the bike shop that sold me this set-up said it wasn't a problem at all and used something they called a spacer I believe to go round the seat post and into the seat tube, which expands when tightened and holds the tube in place. However, the seatpost snapped at the point it was being clamped after only a few hours riding. Another bike shop that took a look at it said that this mechanism for holding the seatpost in place was always going to snap a carbon seatpost - it couldn't take the stress. The original bike shop on the other hand say the design is fine and that the seatpost must have been over-tightened.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on which view is correct? Has anyone had any trouble with this design before?

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    I think you're talking about the current E5 (s-works, tarmac, allez) design. The wedge seat post clamp that's used distributes force over the seatpost evenly in a way that isn't going to cause it to break unless it's significnatly over-tightened.