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Nov 5, 2016
At WWW online, specialized/safety states; If you ever have any questions or concerns about your Specialized bicycle- please contact your Specialized Retailer or call Specialized at .
Specialized Bicycle Components/Customer service
contact specialized bicycle by phone

Please see photo gallery [HASHTAG]#24795[/HASHTAG]
I took time today to call specialized on the telephone with regard to a specialized crosstrail safety concern. I was told the director of global customer service at specialized did not have a desk and a phone that day. I spoke with the highest level customer support supervisor I could reach and left a message with my return contact information and my safety concerns. I was assured that I would receive a call back from the director of global customer service for specialized. No return call came after a week from the director of global customer service at specialized. No return call ever came from the director of global customer service at specialized.
>Elapsed time for this call group over 2.5 hours:

>I called specialized back the next week in California>
>Operator sent my call to a non-descript voice message>
>I called right back, operator sent my call to another non person voice message>
>I called right back and received advice from the operator that she had received from the department that would not answer my call>
>then the specialized operator hung up on me while I was still speaking requesting information>
>I called the same phone number right back, and was required to let it ring for 10 minutes before the same operator answered again>
>Same specialized operator answered, then put me directly on hold for another half hour and then just hung up on me again.

>This call group took over one hour elapsed time>

I called specialized back the next week>
Elapsed time for this call group was over 2.5 hours to talk to customer service. I was informed that the top level customer support supervisor I spoke with just a week before no longer worked for specialized.
My contact info was again taken by a High level support person and I was again assured that I would be called back.

To date I have not received a single return phone call from specialized with regard to the specialized crosstrail safety concern>
specialized crosstrail safety concern.jpg
In all probability there ISN'T a general safety concern.
Not with the manufacturer, not with the bike model, not with the parts used. You might not even have a valid gripe with the dealer.
What you have is most likely either a slightly maladjusted front derailer, or some minor transport damage, probably together with some accidental manouvering of a shifter.
It's a pity someone got hurt, but some risks we simply have to accept - or stay in bed all day.

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