Specialized Roubaix Elite


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Nov 10, 2004
Here in the UK we can only get the base model and the Elite triple, which I am contemplating ordering this week (Elite).

There has been information on this site regarding the top flight Pro model, but not the "lesser" Elite.

At £1,500 (GBP) it seems quite good value when compared to say the Trek Pilot 5.0/5.2.

I am stepping up from a Sirrus Elite Hybrid and want the road bike experience without too much discomfort?

Anyone out there got experience of this bike - good or bad?
Ah well, no replies, maybe they aren't selling too well?

Anyway, my LBS has sold 2, 1 to me now, should get it Saturday.

The guys at the shop were quite impressed with the one they had in just before Xmas and confirmed that it seemed to be reasonably good value for money, considering that the frame is just a painted version of the one still being sold in the UK for £1,200 (the 2004 carbon black pro).

I did a build your own pricing excercise via the internet and I couldn't get it below £300 more than buying the thing ready built, even after shopping around for the best price on each component!

Can't wait to see how it rides compared to the Sirrus?
Got it yesterday.

Had to spend a few hours setting it up (especially the front and rear mechs settings and cables - they were way off) and due to the weather here I have only managed to ****** a few miles test run around the housing estate, but initial impressions are really good - the light weight (19lbs without pedals/cages) and stiffness is really noticeable over my old Sirrus - seems real quick of the mark and much easier to push along.

BTW, also fitted a Cateye cordless speed/cadence computer (CD-300). Piece of cake to fit and works an absolute treat - but boy is the rear sender unit ugly!! Ruins the back end of the bike - looks like I have dropped my mobile phone and it has jammed on the chainstay!

Try it on the trainer for an hour tonight, but really need to get out and put some proper miles on it.

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