Specialized Roubaix Pro - Full Carbon Frame with 105 compoents


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Nov 13, 2012

I am interested in this 2005 Specialized Roubaix Pro road bike.
Frame: Full Carbon
Components: Almost everything has Shimano 105 (except for Rear Der with Dura-Ace, and except for S-Works Carbon handler bar)
Accident: Yes, recently. Owner replaced the carbon fork. But, according to ultrasound and Specialized specialists, the frame is in good sharp.

Similar to this:

Is $800 a fair price ?


mmmhh, i would say it is too small for you, the size of that frame is really the smallest you could find, ok for someone 155cm to 165cm you could get away with it installing a tall seatpost, which there are, but the bike will not handle correctly, also 7 years is a long time but 800usd. is a fair price, i would shop a bit longer before making your decision,
It looks like the seller has already been trying to make the bike fit larger than it is. It really is a tiny bike, while you're merely on the short side of medium.

Look for something in the 52-54 cm range.