Specialized sirrus for everyday commuting

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Which bike should I choose?????

  1. Turquoise Women's Sirrus X Comp Carbon

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  2. Black Women's Sirrus Elite Carbon

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    Mar 16, 2019
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    So I am buying a commuter bike and am between two Specialized Sirrus Bikes...Sirrus Elite Carbon vs Sirrus X Comp Carbon. They seem to ride smoothly and I like the lightness factor (because I have zero upper body strength and when I'm weighed down with full panniers/a basket on back...every pound counts.)

    I am a sucker for the turquoise on the X Comp but think the "Future Shock" baby suspension thing on the fork is more than likely superfluous. I am willing to overlook that though *if* it's not going to require a lot of maintenance over time.

    Has anyone bought/repaired that component? My questions are:
    • Does it hold up over time?
    • Is it completely enclosed and so doesn't require a lot of lubrication/spring repair?
    • How long does it take to wear out?
    • Is it really expensive and annoying to repair/replace?
    • Am I being ridiculous being sucked in by the turquoise? And I should just go for the regular black Elite?
    For extra info -- I live in Pittsburgh, PA (potholes errywhere) and there are a lot of hills here. Will the drive train help me negotiate our hilly terrain on the Elite better than on the X Comp?