Specialized sunglasses vs. Oakley M-frames


New Member
Aug 13, 2006
Just wondering which are better between the two for value and quality. I"ve heard mixed reviews on oakley m-frames but have recently noticed the Specialized sunglasses such as the San remo and helix. I dont' know much about the specialized but there seems to be alot of people who are amazed with them lol

also I'm finding it really difficult to find a good specialized dealer in melbourne australia to buy them from. Or even a good internet sight I can order them from. Please let me know if there is one. It seems like there is SOMETHING probikekit.com. and totalcycling.com dont' have after all haha

was checking out these Team helix's Which would you say is the sexiest colour? or are they all ugly? lol I was wonderng about the Golrelsteiner =)

oops I forgot to add the specialized ARC in the poll -_-