SPECS from MOTOBECANE BIKES -- Which Do You Think Is Best?

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    Okay, y'all.

    Here's the Motobecane spec comparisons for your perusal. (And thank you so much!) I am trying so very hard to understand why one bike is better/more expensive/less expensive than the other, and your input will really help, because Frugal Hubby won't allow any do-overs when money has been spent, lol.

    I apologize for the formatting on this one. The forum board messed it up, and I can't seem to get it straight.

    If you think all these are crap, feel free to say so. Otherwise, any ratings/numberings, best-to-worst, etc., are truly welcome.

    I am also really curious as to why 2 Cafe Lattes from the same year are so different in cost. Any ideas?



    [SIZE= 14pt]2009 -- $450 2009 -- $500 2011 -- $400 2011 -- $900[/SIZE]

    [SIZE= medium]Frame[/SIZE] 6061 Alum w/Rear Rack 6061 Alum w/Rear Butted Alum w/rear Butted Alum w/rear
    [SIZE= medium] Mounts (brazeons), Rack Mounts, two rack mounts, two rack mounts, Braze.,[/SIZE]
    [SIZE= medium] Water bottle mount. Water bottle mounts. Water bottle mts. 2 water bottle mts.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE= medium]Fork[/SIZE] M. Unicrown Dura-Forte Triple-Butted Triple-Butted M. Unicrown CrMo
    [SIZE= medium] Steel 1.125” steerer with Chromoly with Chromoly with Triple-Butted [/SIZE]
    [SIZE= medium] Fender eyelets. One eyelet. One eyelet. Chromoly w/1 eyelet.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE= medium]Rims[/SIZE] Alex SUB, Aero Profile, Shim. WH-R500, 700c Alex-R500, 700c Alex-R500, 700c
    [SIZE= medium] double-wall Alum 700c anodized with machined silver with mach. Anodized with [/SIZE]
    [SIZE= medium] brake track. Brake track. Mach. Brake track.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE= medium]Hubs[/SIZE] Bolt-on Shim. Nexus 8-spd Shim. WH-R500 700c Formula, dust-sealed Formula, dust-
    [SIZE= medium] internal, rear. Alum sealed w/Quick Release caged bearing sealed caged bear.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE= medium] caged ball bearing, front. with Quick Release w/qk. release. [/SIZE]

    [SIZE= medium]Spokes [/SIZE]SS, 14 gauge, 36fr/36rr SS black aero profile Stainless steel SS, radial laced front.

    [SIZE= medium]Tires[/SIZE] Hybrid CST 700 x 40c, Kenda Road 700 x 28 w/ Kenda Road 700 x 28 Kenda Kwest,
    [SIZE= medium] Presta Valve Tubes Presta Valve Tubes w/Presta Valve Tube 700 x 28, Presta.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE= medium]Crankset[/SIZE] RPM by Alum Arms with Truvativ Isoflow Road LSC Road Alum, Pol. LSC Road Alum, Black,
    [SIZE= medium] Black finish, single ring Alum Matte Silver, Black, 30 x 42 x 52 30 x 42 x 52 Triple[/SIZE]
    [SIZE= medium] 42T, 170 mm 30 x 42 x 52 Triple Triple [/SIZE]

    [SIZE= medium]Bottom Brkt[/SIZE]. Sealed Cartridge Unit Truvativ Low-Maint. Low-Maint. Sealed Square Taper, Sealed
    [SIZE= medium] S-Taper Sealed Cartridge Cartridge Unit Bearing 68 mm. [/SIZE]

    [SIZE= medium]Fr. Deraill.:[/SIZE] n/a Shimano for Triple OR Shim. For Triple OR Microshift for
    [SIZE= medium] MicroShift for Triple MicroShift for Triple Triple clamp on.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE= medium] (no choice) (no choice) [/SIZE]

    [SIZE= medium]Rear Deraill.[/SIZE] Shim. Nexus Intrnl 8-spd Shimano Sora OR Shimano Sora Shimano Sora
    [SIZE= medium] Acera for Triple for Triple.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE= medium] (no choice) [/SIZE]

    [SIZE= medium]Cass/Chain[/SIZE] Internal gearing; external Shim. Hyperglide Shim. Hyperglide Shim. Hyperglide
    [SIZE= medium] Cog 20T/KMC Z-51 8-spd 12-26t OR 11-32t 12-26t OR 11-32t 11-32t, 8-speed[/SIZE]
    [SIZE= medium] 8-spd (no choice) 8-spd (no choice) 24 gears total.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE= medium] 24 gears total 24 gears total [/SIZE]

    [SIZE= medium]Shifters[/SIZE] Shim. Nexus Twist Shift Shim. ST-R221-R Shim. ST-R221-R Shim. ST-R221-R
    [SIZE= medium] w/gear indicator Precision Integrated Precision Integr. Precision yadda[/SIZE]
    [SIZE= medium] braking & shifting braking & shifting yadda yadda.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE= medium]Handlebars[/SIZE] Kalloy Alum with Kalloy Alum w/Comf Kalloy Alum w/Comf. Kalloy Alum.
    [SIZE= medium] Comfort Bend w/Comf. Bd.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE= medium]Stem[/SIZE] Kalloy Adj to 60, alum. Kalloy Adj Rise, Silver Kalloy Adj Rise, Black Kalloy Adj Rise,
    [SIZE= medium] Alum threadless Alum threadless Alum threadless.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE= medium]Br. Levers[/SIZE] Tektro Quartz Alum Shim. ST-R221 Precision Shim. ST-R221 Precis. Shim. ST-R221
    [SIZE= medium] Integrated brake/shift. Integrated brake/shift. Precision, etc.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE= medium]Brakes[/SIZE] Tektro V Alum. Alloy, ProMax Alum Alloy, ProMax, V-Brake Alum ProMax Alum
    [SIZE= medium] Black. Silver. Alloy Silver finish Alloy Silver[/SIZE]

    [SIZE= medium]Pedals[/SIZE] Comfort Platform Resin Alloy road with toe Alloy road with toe Alloy road w/toe C&S
    [SIZE= medium] w/Built-in LED flashers clips and straps clips and straps 9/16” Boron Steel[/SIZE]

    [SIZE= medium]Saddle[/SIZE] WTB Comfort w/Suspens. Velo Comp Comfort Velo Comp Comfort Velo Comp
    [SIZE= medium] Cushion tech Comfort [/SIZE]

    [SIZE= medium]Seat Post[/SIZE] Alum alloy Silver Pol. Alum Alloy Black Pol. Alum, Alloy Black alum
    [SIZE= medium] Micro-adjust. Micro-Adjust. alloy, micro.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE= medium] [/SIZE]
    [SIZE= medium]Seat Clamp[/SIZE] Ultralite Alum Alloy Ultralite Alum Alloy, Ultralite Alum Alloy, Pol. Alum alloy,
    [SIZE= medium] Black Finish w/QR Black finish with QR. micro-adj, 27.2 mm[/SIZE]
    [SIZE= medium] superlight mach.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE= medium] Alum with QR.[/SIZE]

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    The price difference doesn't make any sense to me, either. Not enough information, or maybe an error. Not much to say about these, but (see my Marin post) I'd recommend one of them with the 28 tires. All have steel forks, A plus IMO. The two higher models are butted aluminum, also a plus. I believe the Shimano ST-R221 shifters are the same as the ones I put on my bike (to be taken off soon), and my daughter's. They work well and I think you would be happy with them. So it comes down to fit. You know that you like the fit on the Marin bikes so.......
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    Personally, unless I'd thrown my leg over one, I wouldn't have a clue what they were like... You really do have to pop down to the shops and give a future bike a whirl.

    As a odd side note, our friendly Tour de France comentator chappy, Paul Sherwen, used to ride for the Motobecane team.
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