Speed is a factor in accidents


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May 26, 2015
For the nth time, I have seen in the evening news the cctv video of an accident involving a biker. It was already red in the traffic lights when the speeding bike went thru and hit the car that had the right of way. The rider lay sprawled on the hood of the car. Fortunately the owner of the car was not violent as to quarrel with the biker who was obviously injured. The reporter said that if only the bike was not speeding then it would have time to brake and avoid the collision.
Whether it’s related to cars or to bicycles, speed is undoubtedly a killer. When combined with inattentiveness it’s a surefire recipe for disaster.

For example, there is a particular road I take when going to my local supermarket, and it involves turning a corner from the road onto the sidewalk where you’re completely blind to any pedestrians or cyclists coming your way. Well, one time I was riding at my usual pace and about to make the turn, when something told me I should probably slow down a bit.

Lo and behold, just as soon as I was about to make the turn, a cyclist comes flying by like a bat out of hell. Had I not slowed down at that corner, he would’ve struck me and we both would’ve probably ended up with broken bones.
A lot of people died because of over speeding. Here in my place one store got hit by an over speeding jeep. Luckily, there were no casualties but there is lots of damage to the store and the jeep. It was a horrifying accident. There was child that got under the jeep. If only the driver wasn't speeding it wouldn't have happened. The accident rate cause by over speeding is skyrocketing. You can hear in the news everyday regarding this problem. The government should be stricter in implementing the law to this people.