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May 20, 2005
So Speedplay contacts eBay to have an auction of mine pulled for "copyright infringement". It seems that they don't like it when people describe their products on eBay.

Way to go Speedplay!!! you won a huge victory today for the protection of "dual sided entry" and lost a once loyal customer. :mad:
You mean they claim copyright on the phrase "dual sided entry"? Wow.

Their pedals are overrated anyway.
Who knows? I try to sell a used pair of speedplays and they shut it down. I relisted the auction (with a disclaimer!) here:


the only think I changed was deleting the following text:

Easy dual-sided entry: no kicking it over, no looking down, no fumbling.
Half the weight of most other clipless systems: X/2 Stainless pedals per pair - 198g
X cleats per pair - 85g
Non-centering free float minimizes the potential for knee strain.
Unbeatable cornering clearance: X/2 - 37 degrees
Large contact area, extremely stable cleat-to-shoe connection.
Compatible with virtually all 3-hole and 4-hole shoe mountings.
Standard step-in, turn-out entry and release.
Built-in grease port for easy bearing lubrication.
True locking mechanism - engagement security is independent of spring tension.
Maybe they're afraid of getting busted for false advertising:rolleyes: . Sounds too good.
If you used the same text they did, they have a valid point. Have you posted your ad here, as it was listed on eBay? Did you use their pictures? If you did, being a loyal customer doesn't grant the right to use their licensed material.

With the proliferation of fraud on eBay and sales of counterfeit products, I can understand why companies would be careful about how their products are sold by third parties that aren't part of the dealer network. Easton, Look, Ritchey, and others have all seen counterfeits of their products being sold on eBay.

If they contacted you, they must have felt there was a good reason. It's likely they didn't do it just to keep the little guy down.

At any rate, there's only one side of the story here.
I had the same thing happen on Ebay except it was Trek that complained. Best part was, a person had already contacted me and we did the deal outside of Ebay. I was going to buy another Trek product, but that irritated me so much that I won't buy another of their overated products. The only thing I mentioned was their name. How are you supposed to describe something without the brand name?