Speedy availability of results for Tour Durban is a good example of CChip efficency


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Oct 24, 2001
When I logged on to the site last night the results for the Tour Durban, where 6000+cyclists took part, was available and I could view them by name, Race no, Chip code, Club, Team or nation, over the distances competed and categories. I also had instant access to all the other races (so has my club for admin purposes like club ranking and participation) It is high time that other realise the value of PROPERLY timed races and the value it has to the cyclists when a website is PROPERLY designed and not an EXCUSE to silence irate competotors. Ek sê maar net........... go and look for yourself on winningtime.co.za and you will only find the Liberty Ride for Sight and Die Burger listed. No neww features or additions has been made. I winder how a great organisation like Liberty Life can associate themselves with shoddy client service ike this.

Big H

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