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    During the month of January, Western New York Wellness will be hosting their 3rd annual “Spin with the Survivors” Virtual Spin Tour and Fundraiser (Western New York Wellness), which focuses on bringing maximum visibility to the fight against cancer. Centered on cycling, the Western New York Wellness Program makes available FREE indoor and outdoor cycling services to all cancer survivors in the Rochester, New York and surrounding areas.

    I cannot tell you how much this group has helped me since I became a member in 2006. This December 31st will mark 5 years that I have been cancer free. I credit this group with keeping me active and healthy.

    Please help in this fundraising event with your generous pledge. We all know someone touched by cancer. The money that you pledge will contribute to funding the FREE physical activity programs offered by Western New York including:

    - weekly outdoor bike rides (during the summer)
    - weekly indoor spin classes (during the winter)
    - outreach and education programs
    - walking program for those just emerging from treatment and are not yet able to ride
    - gym membership grants

    The “Spin with the Survivors” event also provides a unique opportunity for all to help. This is our chance to help directly and in that spirit, I’ve chosen to Spin with the Survivors, and ask that you support me, remembering that your donations are tax-deductible.

    To make an on–line pledge:
    Step 1: go to Western New York Wellness
    Step 2: Select the a name (Shannon Case) from the drop down list.
    Step 3: Select a pledge amount.
    Step 4: When ready to donate, click the “Submit Pledge” button.

    Thank you for your support. Together, we will make a difference in so many lives!

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