Spinach and Beet Soup

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  1. Spinach and Beet Soup

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    1/2 cup chickpeas
    2 cups spinach, chopped
    1 cup kidney beans
    1 cup fresh dill weed, or 1/4 cup dried dill weed
    1 cup lentils
    4 beets, peeled & cubed small
    1 large onion, chopped
    1-2 Tbsp flour
    1-2 soup bones, optional
    fried onions & dry mint leaves (for garnish)
    Salt & pepper to taste
    Oil for frying
    6-8 cups water

    Soak the chickpeas & kidney beans for 2 hours or over night. Cook the
    lentils in 1-2 cups of water till soft but not mushy & set aside. Brown
    the bones and onions in oil in a large kettle. Season to taste and add
    water, chickpeas, kidney beans, & beets. Cookuntil the chickpeas are soft.
    Remove bones & add spinach, dill weed, andlentils. Stir occasionally.
    Meanwhile, brown flour in a little bit of oil and add to the soup to
    thicken it. (Avoid making it too thick!) Put the soup on low heat & stir
    frequently until done. Serve in a bowl & garnish with fried onion or with
    dried mint leaves added to hot oil. Happy "Souping"!

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