Spinal medical manipulation (of babies)

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  1. PREGNANT WOMEN: Help protect your vagina at birth by helping to protect your baby's brain at birth.

    MDs are senselessly closing birth canals up to 30% and it's EASY to allow your birth canal to OPEN
    the "extra" up to 30%.

    Just roll onto your side as you push your baby out (or kneel or hands-and-knees or squat or) use
    just about ANY "alternative" delivery position but semisitting and dorsal. But beware - MDs and
    CNMwives are known to let women "try" "alternative" delivery positions then move women to
    semisitting (close their birth canals) as the baby is coming out!

    See the URLs in the postscript.


    Joseph O. Di Duro, DC, DACNE suggests...

    "I suggest that as there exists within the chiropractic patient population a high prevalence of
    [hereditary disorder of connective tissue] HDCT, the conclusion that external forces from a spinal
    chiropractic manipulation alone can lead to intracranial hypotension via a dural tear may be
    premature..." --Di Duro JO. Journal of Neurology Neurosurgery and Psychiatry 2004;75:346-347

    OPEN LETTER (archived for global access at: http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/chiro-

    Joseph O. Di Duro, DC, DACNE Via Prati, 14, I-36100 Vicenza (Italy) [email protected]


    Spinal MEDICAL manipulation (obstetric) is far more common than spinal chiropractic manipulation.

    Since it is far more forceful (see below) - there may be far more dural tearing than we know.

    Spinal medical manipulation (obstetric) occurs with the birth canal senselessly closed up to 30%.

    NOTE: Medicine's most common delivery positions - semisitting and dorsal - close the birth canal up
    to 30%. The biomechanics are simple and the 30% figure comes from radiologic evidence
    published in the medical literature.

    See: http://home1.gte.net/gastaldo/part2ftc.html

    Spinal medical manipulation (obstetric) can be quite forceful: Sometimes (rarely) spinal nerves are
    ripped out of tiny spinal cords.

    Spinal medical manipulation (obstetric) should therefore be mentioned in any discussion of dural
    tears from spinal manipulation.

    Also, please make sure pregnant patients in your practice are aware that MDs and MBs (and many
    midwives) are senselessly closing birth canals up to 30% and gruesomely manipulating most
    babies spines.

    MDs and MBs are pushing violently on tiny spines (with oxytocin and Cytotec) - with birth canals
    senselessly closed up to 30%.

    MDs and MBs are also PULLING - gruesomely - with hands, vacuums and forceps - with birth canals
    senselessly closed up to 30%.

    (ALL spinal manipulation with the birth canal senselessly closed is gruesome.)

    Please make sure pregnant patients know how easy it is to allow their birth canals to OPEN the
    "extra" up to 30%. See any of the URLs in the postscript.


    Dr. Gastaldo [email protected]

    PS Senseless closure of the birth canal is an obvious crime, so I have reported it to the LA County
    District Attorneys office - along with other common obstetric crimes.

    See FBI: AMA 'pedo-priests': Will DA Cooley prosecute? http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/chiro-

    And see: Feldenkrais vs. Surgery (also: ugh, Erb's prevention) http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/chiro-

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