spinning bike/trainer ?


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Jul 6, 2003
If I want to ride early in the morning or when it is pouring rain would ya'll suggest I look at buying a trainer for my current bike, or should I look at buying a spinning bike? I've heard that a trainer can be hard on your road bike's frame. Is this correct? Thanks for any suggestions/ideas.



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Dec 14, 2006
Get a light and/or get wet! Seriously some trainers are hard on a bikes frame. Usually any trainer that attaches to the bike is going to put uncompensated stresses on the frame. If you are going to go with a wind trainer, I suggest that you use one that clamps onto the ends of the rear wheel quick release skewer and nut. This puts less stress on the frame than any of the others that I have seen. You will want to get an old skewer and nut for this though as the trainer will mark them up.

Rollers, on the other hand, do not attach to the bike so they don't stress it at all. They just stress the rider, especially if you happen to wander off the rollers while simulating a sprint.:eek: