Spinning Classes


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Aug 8, 2002
Ok, I'm sure there is something about this in the training archives but I am feeling lazy today.<br /><br />What is everyone's view on spinning classes? I currently do two a week and then try get on the road 3 times a week, but I find that I have a very tough time cycling in the mornings during the week (no club in my area to cycle with). My spinning classes offer a double length spinnathon on Thursday mornings and I'm thinking of replacing one of my road sessions (which generally gets missed in any case) with it. I find I can push harder while spinning and, being a bit of a partier, get a rush from the music etc that helps me push through the pain. What am I losing when I'm spinning versus riding solo on the bike? I still do a long ride on Sundays and am intending on fitting in a MTB ride in on Saturdays for some variation. This would take my total in a week of cycling to about 6 hours on the bike and 3 hours spinning.
I did spinning all last winter. <br /><br />Benefits- Leg speed, Anaerobic Endurance, and early season GREAT results<br /><br />Drawbacks - Doing intervals in Spin Classes made me really strong in the Spring season. But - I was toast by the time July came around. <br /><br />PiPod :-*
I don't like it. AT ALL.<br /><br />I used to use spinning as an alternative to riding on the trainer coz there are pretty girls to look at and there is a much more festive vibe.<br /><br />I am a grinder and like to push bigger gears rather than spinning (i.e. on the bike).<br /><br />I find that the spinning bikes hurt my knees and ruin my rythym on the bike, so I would rather watch my TDF tapes and ride my bike with Lance and the boys. If I get dropped, I just open the fridge and get myself a beer. ;D<br /><br />Ask Jaco, I enjoy my drinks after riding.<br /><br />So my answer to your question, is I'd rather sit outside and watch the girls, before I get on another spinning bike.