Spoke length


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Feb 23, 2015
building r whl(mavic a319 w/ philwood 10spd cassette hub)
used ubi and sheldon browns spoke length calculator just to double check and
came up with only a 1mm+ diff in length...is this common...thanks
You didn’t post your exact spec, so I have no specific opinion.
However, as a general guideline - at least before disc brakes - was that Driveside spokes tended to be 2.0 mm shorter.
How much of that which came from spokes actually NEEDING to be 2.0 mm shorter vs from the fact that many spokes only sell in 2.0 mm increments, I can’t tell.
All things considered equal, being 1.0 mm off in length is a manageable error if you’ve almed for a conservative spot in the nipple.

ProWheelbuilder also has a calculator. I had problems with guys at the shop figuring the correct lengths.

I used Prowheelbuilder and they came out great. I give them priority over any of the others.
what specs would you want,and I also used pro whl builder and all 3 came up with the same length(some times I over check things)
2 reasons for the diff in spoke length for r whl is:1)some hub makers made the drive side flange a smaller dia.than the nondrive side and 2)the rim is off center of the hub as opposed the fr. being centered on the hub..
if this was already known,I meant no disrespect
it's been awhile since I built whls and it didn't sound right,I'll measure the old spokes and see what the diff is...thanks for the input guys