spoke protruding beyond nipple notch

On Sat, 11 Feb 2006 20:07:56 -0500, Mark wrote:

> Why do you say it will "go past"? Why will it not just bottom out?

Because it will be possible to continue tightening the nipple until it
runs through the threads. Spoke threads are rolled, not cut, so the
thread OD is wider than the unthreaded part of the spoke. It won't turn
smoothly, but it will turn until there are no threads left.


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[email protected] wrote:

> Hi
> Am building the wheel featured in a thread with topic "2 cross rear
> wheel - not so bad?".
> In the end it's being made from a Goldtec track hub, Mavic Open Pro rim
> 28 hole, Sapim Race spokes, 3 cross pattern.
> DT Swiss, Spocalc and another calculator all give me the same answer
> for the spoke length: 298 mm. (The pre-defined hub values are correct
> in Spocalc.)
> However, getting it to the stage where I'm going to be truing and not
> just bringing it up to tension, I find that the spokes are already
> about 2 mm over the top of the nipple notch! Two other finished wheels
> I have handy (same rims, popular hubs, same calculators) have the
> nipple about level with the notch.
> I don't think the calculations are wrong (but looks like I could have
> easily used something like 296mm) ... is this nipple protrusion
> actually bad?

298 sounds long. I used 293 with Goldtecs and Fuji rims, which are a
similar kind of profile.

You could run out of thread on the spokes and/or the protruding spoke
couls stick through the rim tape, if it's really bad.