Spong Bean Slicer Uses?

Discussion in 'Food and nutrition' started by weft2, Aug 9, 2005.

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    I bought a nice looking circa 1980's Spong Bean Slicer for a buck at a
    thrift shop in excellent cosmetic condition. I think it was only a buck
    though, because for some reason the cutting blades on the slicer drum
    had become raised and would catch on the cast iron body of the slicer
    when you tried to turn the handle. I fixed it by gently tapping the
    blades down a bit with a hard hammer and now it works great, but I am
    wondering about the uses of this slicer, and if perhaps, it is mainly a
    European thing.

    I know Spong is a UK company of many years and quality, however, though
    we use their meat grinder (not for meat though, but tomatoes), I can't
    quite figure out what to do with these cute little 1" wedge cut slices
    the machine manages to produce, even with the most gnarly of our raw,
    home grown green and yellow beans.

    The slices look charming, sharp and even, but they're so tiny, short
    and thin, I would think cooking them would cause them to shrivel up
    into nothing. Is this type of slice what they call a French Cut Bean,
    and if so, what would be the uses for North American cooking with this