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    May 25, 2012
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    I am planning a ride in April of 2015 and I am looking for sponsors for it. This ride is a two fold ride for me. #1 it is a sabbatical type of thing for me to help me deal with losing my mother in 2010. #2 it is a fundraiser/awareness ride for breast cancer. I am doing the ride solo, (with a support RV following for rest and mechanical issues), so by solo I mean not a group ride. It is from my Mom's favorite restaurant in Jacksonville Florida to where her ashes are kept at Trinity Episcopal Church in Lawrence Kansas. I will be riding through Tyler Texas which is where I grew up as well. In total this trip will be 1500 miles and I am planning to arrive in Lawrence Kansas on April 22nd 2015, (the 5 year Anniversary of Mom's death). Obviously since Breast Cancer took my Mom from me, all funds would go to breast cancer support, awareness, and research. I have a non-profit group in Jacksonville FL, Art Breakers, willing to help me set the fundraising up and everything. What I need help with is getting sponsors to help pay for this trip. does anyone have any suggestions as to how to approach people and businesses to gain their support? Thank you for any suggestions or possible sponsors.