Sports Knee Pads Cycling


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Apr 19, 2023
Sports Knee Pads Cycling
1. Prevent injuries and make sports safer
2. Adhesive tape: sticky and easy to tear
3. Double beams: firmly protect the meniscus

Three-dimensional weaving technology, high elasticity, good air permeability, more comfortable and fit to wear;
Pressure belt design, adjustable, more suitable for the location;
Suitable for all kinds of fitness exercises.
Prevention or rehabilitation after injury, various fitness exercises.
The all-around flexibility provides a better fit and more comfortable support for the knee.
Keep the knee warm and proper, used to relieve chronic arthritis pain.
High elasticity provides a better fit and more comfortable support for the knee.
Keep your knees warm and relieve the pain of chronic arthritis.
I have tried few knee pads before but the one made by Rockbros suited me best.

I used knee pads exclusively for road cycling, including very long rides. Most of the knee pads I tried caused chaffing during long rides. The kneepads from Rockbros is built like sun sleeve with padding over the knees. It doesn't have any straps, just one very grippy garter band at the top.... I think it's the straps that causes the chaffing.

I found the knee pads incredibly useful both as added protection and also UV and heat protection from the sun.

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