Sports Nutrition


Doug K

Hello all!

I wanted to inform you about a relatively new organization (International Society of Sports
Nutrition: "ISSN") and their upcoming First Annual Conference.

The ISSN is a non-profit academic association put together by leading academicians and the
publishing firm, Human Kinetics. ISSN ( aims to solely focus in
on sports nutrition from the educator, research, practical and applied points of view. The
ISSN's research journal (The International Journal of Sports Nutrition & Exercise Metabolism)
along with a soon to be released e-journal (open access) will help bring the importance of
understanding the interaction between food, supplements, exercise and performance to a new
level. ADA members are receiving a 25% off the cost of the conference. The ISSN does not compete
with SCAN, it is complementary since ISSN does not focus in on areas related to wellness or
cardiovascular disease per se'.

We ask for you to consider attending the conference to be held June 18-19, 2004 in Las Vegas and to
pass the word around.

Please also note that there is a call for abstracts and that we will publish these abstracts along
with the conference proceedings:

Again, thank you for your interest. Also of note is that the ISSN is still welcoming sponsors and
exhibitors for the year and conference. For more information, please contact Dr. Joey Antonio,
President at [email protected]