Springtime Rocketeering...The Rocket has left the pad.

Discussion in 'Recumbent bicycles' started by B. Sanders, Mar 16, 2003.

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  1. B. Sanders

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    Today was the first ride of spring 2003 on my beloved RANS Rocket. Every year, I get to renew my
    appreciation of recumbents. This is the first renewal of appreciation for the Rocket, which I've
    owned for almost 1 year now.

    Wow, that RANS seat is comfy! I had forgotten how much suspension the RANS seat is capable of. The
    thick padding makes all the difference. It's pretty stiff, too, for the sprints.

    The Rocket is plenty fast. The bike isn't holding me back, that's for sure. The short wheelbase
    gives the Rocket some very exciting handling characteristics. In my exuberance, I was executing some
    very fast, tight 90-degree turns on narrow paved trails. Nothing handles like an SWB.

    I'm thinking it's time to create a new sport for SWB's: Recumbent Dual Slalom.

    At the beginning of my 2nd riding season on the RANS Rocket, I gotta say this is one value-packed
    little red rocket of a bike. Chix diggit. D00dz give me the thumbs-up. Kids chase me down the
    street. I drop DF riders that are in much better shape than I am. Hillclimbing is quick and stable,
    and downhill runs at 40MPH are thrilling. If a friend wants to try it, I can adjust the fit in a
    couple of minutes with no tools. The seatbag carries plenty of gear for short tours. The Rocket
    easily fits inside my Honda Civic hatchback.

    Wondering what $600 will get you in a recumbent? Buy a used Rocket. Can't go wrong.


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