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Discussion in 'Cycling Training' started by alex001, Oct 12, 2003.

  1. alex001

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    Oct 1, 2003
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    what should I do to sprint faster longer?

  2. Aztec

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    Jul 8, 2003
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    Simple: sprint more.
  3. shaneo

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    Aug 31, 2003
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    try and bring some structured training into your bike riding that trains your sprint.....ie Wednesday morning - sprint training.

    This works well when you train with other people.

    try doing a set of sprint repeats on either a nominated stretch of road or along your normal route. ie you could start with your easiest gear and when you reach the next power pole - you all start to sprint to the next pole.....then have a rest, change up a gear and do the same thing.....keep this going until you have run out of gears...... you can alter this format by nominating one of your friends to lead out the sprint.....and it is up to you to try and sprint over him...

    years ago me and a few training buddies found a long straight stretch of road on the verge of town....we marked the edge of the road with 100metre intervals.

    We met there every wednesday morning and did a set training routine. We would start as a group and do different types of sprints up and down the section of road we had marked out...it certainly helped bring out the best sprint we could manage as individuals.....if the only time you get to sprint is in a race....you might find you make silly mistakes with things like gear selection and knowing how far you can kick for...
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    Aug 25, 2003
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    A few tips given to me, dont yet know if they will work, as I still cant sprint very well.

    1. Do some 30sec reps with extremely fast cadence. 150<rpm

    2. As above do practice sprints between points, preferably with other riders.

    3. Sprinting is a lot about timing. Few people can sustain a very long sprint, and even if they can its no good if someone is on your wheel. Best thing is to have a massive burst, and be able to use it off someones wheel in the last 50m!!

    4 Dont use too big a gear. Wind up cadence very fast on manageable gear in sprint, then if you have shimano, click the lever with finger and hold it across ready to release it to activate gear change on the last burst for that extra bit of grunt!!

    5. Find the wheel of the best rider you know in the race, and watch what he does in sprint, folllow him and hope for the best.

    6. When you decide to go, dont look back or hold back.

    7. If you are following a lead out, when the leader starts to fade dont wait to long, use leader's momentum to sling you out and around. If you wait till speed drops you can lose the advantage of all his work winding you up!! This appears to be advantage (so im told) if you have established a slight break!! If you dont go the chances are other riders behind with greater momenttum will swallow you up!!

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    Feb 22, 2002
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    What kind of sprinting? In an endurance event (e.g. a RR) or for a sprint event (e.g. matched sprints). Both require different training.
  6. VeloFlash

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    Feb 26, 2003
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    Sprint endurance training.

    Preferably on a home trainer. Ten seconds sprinting and fifty seconds spinning. You will find you would start with about 5 repetitions by 3 sets and build over time to 10 repetitions by 5 sets. Good training also for points and elimination racing at the track.

    I do these on the road also. I found two small hills joined by a flat piece of road. I used the downhill to build up speed with less effort. The flat was the sprint starting at 45kph+ and the momentum after the effort takes me up the other hill to turn around and repeat.

    If you were training for all out speed it would be total recovery between reps (and not so many!). 10 minutes + recovery.

    If you were to see Sean Eadie (and other pure sprinters) training for speed at the track you would consider him to be a lazy trainer. Nearly all his training time is occupied on the infield between reps recovering.
  7. jrlee

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    Sep 30, 2003
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    Sprinting strength:
    100 metres flying start 2 x 5
    12 min recovery between rides
    25 min recovery between Sets
    Gear 82-88
    140-160 rpm
    5.6-6.3 time
    Roll off banking start on the finish line
    2 hour session

    Speed Endurance
    Exercise 300 m flying start
    Warm up 20 minimum
    Repetitions 6 x 300 sub maximal
    Gear 82-86 82,82,84,84,86,86
    Leg Speed 135-160 rpm
    Time 16-20 secs
    Start off banking
    2 hour session
    Warm down 20 min

    Speed Strength Endurance:
    Exercise 500 meter flying start
    Repetitions 4-6 Sub maximal
    Time 28.5-35 sec
    Pedal Speed 130-145 rpm
    Gear 84-92
    Recovery 25 min between rides

    Exercise 200 metres behind motor
    Repetitions 3-5 sprints
    Time 10.8 sec
    Gear 82-92
    Recovery 15-20 min
    Off banking to 200 meter line

    Exercise 6 sec Sprints Alactate system Standing start Maximal
    Distance 50-60 meters
    Repetitions 2 x 3 or 2 x 5
    Gear 92-100
    Recovery 5 min between rides
    20 min between Sets
    Time 5.6-6.4 secs

    Speed Endurance:
    Exercise 75 sec Standing Start Sub maximal
    Repetitions 6-8 Times
    Gear 96-108

    Exercise 500 meters
    Repetitions 2 x 5
    Gear 96
    Recovery 15 min

    Warm up 150-200 watts 20 min
    Repetition 6-12
    Exercise 75 sec @ 600-700 watts
    Recovery 15-25 min
    Warm Down 10 min no resistance

    Warm up 20 min (group)
    82 gear
    25-30 kph
    200 meters flying 50-8-70% sub max
    200 metres Flying 80-85%
    200 meters flying 90-100%

    Slow rolling 600 meters between sprints
    Recovery 15-20 min to change gears
    Warm down 10 –20 min

    as you can see there is alot of waiting around to be a sprint cyclist but that gives more time to pose
    and then there is the weight room