Sprinting at end of race


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Jul 12, 2002
Have problems being able to sprint at the end of longer races(60m+).I am fine with the pace,but just dont have it in the legs for real attack for the finish. :'(

Should I be adding more endurance/sprints..repeats etc?
Any suggestions would be great.
Sprinting at the end of a road race is different to track sprinting and therefore requires different training. Try intervals of varying lengths from 30 seconds to 2 mins and go as hard as you can, accelerating every time the speed drops. Alternate sessions between long (5 mins plus) and short (1 min) recoveries between intervals. Long recoveries will mean that you develop sprint ability. Short recoveries means that you will develop fatigue resistance. Make the sprints as realistic as posiable (eg start at a high speed by rolling down a hill or coming off a wheel and aim/surge for a finish line). Remember to use a realistic gear and as you start to slow, work harder! Practice on flat, slight hills and steep hills. You could use a pyramid or fartlek session to encorporate all of the durations that I have suggested.
2lap's adice is spot on - the only thing is it's tough to do cos it hurts like hell!!!

Most of my sprinting ability comes from 'Speed sign racing' - when you're training in a bunch challenge everyone to a speed sign race. It goes like this: you sprint for every speed sign - whoever crosses the line first gets the number of points on the sign (eg: 60kph = 60 points).

This disguises the training nicely and becomes a fun execise rather than harsh interval training session. It also helps with tactics (some guys will jump early resulting in a long lead out sprint, some will go at the last minute - max power sprint etc.). It helps you judge where you should be in line and when you should start sprinting.