SRAM brake lever hoods: trivial, yet infuriating


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Jan 13, 2006
Last month I replaced the fine, stable original hoods that came with my SRAM equipped Addict. I ordered "original" SRAM hoods, yet I was underwhelmed by the replacements. They were "softer" true, but they squirmed all over the place. I put the hood plugs in the locator holes; they would creep out within a few minutes. I had hoods rotating 90 degrees around the housing. I have never experienced this before. I then bought a set of HUDZ hoods, also "soft touch" silicon-based material. Exactly the same performance. I rode 60 miles today and re-set the plugs in the locating holes four times. Does anyone know who sells old fashioned hard rubber hoods. I'm planning to go hoodless soon.


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Jan 12, 2010
Did you replace with the SRAM Pit-Stop doubletap hoods in the red/white box? I've replaced on both of my bikes and they are identical to the originals. Tight fit to install - stay put.

SRAM Part #
Black 00.7915.042.000
White 00.7915.042.010
Red 00.7915.042.0020