SRAM brake lever hoods: trivial, yet infuriating


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Jan 13, 2006
Last month I replaced the fine, stable original hoods that came with my SRAM equipped Addict. I ordered "original" SRAM hoods, yet I was underwhelmed by the replacements. They were "softer" true, but they squirmed all over the place. I put the hood plugs in the locator holes; they would creep out within a few minutes. I had hoods rotating 90 degrees around the housing. I have never experienced this before. I then bought a set of HUDZ hoods, also "soft touch" silicon-based material. Exactly the same performance. I rode 60 miles today and re-set the plugs in the locating holes four times. Does anyone know who sells old fashioned hard rubber hoods. I'm planning to go hoodless soon.


Jan 12, 2010
Did you replace with the SRAM Pit-Stop doubletap hoods in the red/white box? I've replaced on both of my bikes and they are identical to the originals. Tight fit to install - stay put.

SRAM Part #
Black 00.7915.042.000
White 00.7915.042.010
Red 00.7915.042.0020