Sram red crankset installation question


Jun 25, 2012
I will be upgrading my components because I don't want to purchase a new bike and because I like my bike. It's been 6 years and I believe upgrading the components is the better route for now. Current stuff is 2012 bike with Rival shifters, crank, rear derailleur and Apex front derailleur.

I wanted to know if I should remove and grease the crank spindle bolts (even though it's a new crank) to possibly get ahead of any potential noise issue before installing? Or is the crank greased enough from the factory and I should not worry about it. Also, does the shifters come with the brake and shifter cables?

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Are you replacing the Rival crankset with a Red crankset? If so, you should grease the new spindle bolt.
Or, are you re-using the existing (2012) Rival crankset? If so, you should remove, grease, and reinstall the existing (2012) spindle bolt.
I've replaced the Rival crankset with the Red crankset already. I did not do anything with the spindle bolts.