SRAM Road Components Vs. Shimano

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    [SIZE= 10pt]I saw and read at least 3 other threads whose titles claimed they compared SRAM to Shimano. Seems to me like none of them really did, in any of the ways I was hoping. So I began a different one. [/SIZE]

    [SIZE= 10pt]Wow! Thanks a million to Weight Weenies! [/SIZE]

    [SIZE= 10pt]I found what I think are 5 threads related to SRAM v. Shimano, but, the first one confirmed what I already knew, and, what I was being told by my mechanic whom I trust w/ my life and limb. Johnny M. is says to go with a combo of D.A., Red and Force. I'm going to do what he says. [/SIZE]

    [SIZE= 10pt]He says Red's ceramic bearings make it super smooth, but, ceramic bearings in derailleurs don't last very well in the rain. So, we're going with Red shifters, force deraileurs, and everything else D.A. [/SIZE]

    [SIZE= 10pt]It still sounds like D.A. and Red are neck and neck, except for one HUGE thing, in 20+ years of serious cycling, has Shimano ever offered us a grassroots buy -in?[/SIZE]

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