SS (and geared) problem: Front chainring guide?

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Hey all,

A certain trail I occasionally visit has some pretty bumpy descents that tends to knock my chain off
the front ring. On my SS I have a middle and an outer ring (no der. so I have to change chain to use
bigger ring). On my geared, I have an 8 spd rear and 2 front chainrings (also no front der, cus my
front shifter died some time ago and I've been lazy to get a new one to put back on).

So I've looked around online and found this Ngear Jump Stop thing which seems pretty cool. It
prevents the chain from dropping onto the BB side. This is good for my SS cus the outer ring on the
SS is for road use. But on the geared, I sometimes use the outer ring off road so the chain might
drop out onto the crankarm side. I was wondering if anyone has this weird problem like me and what
other solutions there are besides fixing on a front der. Oh, btw my bikes are fully rigid, so this
happens quite abit esp on my geared.

I've a couple of questions about the obvious solution which is to get one of those DH chainguides.
Are those things heavy? Do they mostly mount on the BB? And why do they cost so much!?

bloocow - tired of dismounting to put the chain back on 5 times and more per ride.
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