St. Robert Bellarmine on 11-16-99

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    Saint Robert Bellarmine says that the human body and mind were given
    insight, intellect, and an innate understanding about so many things,
    the desire first of all to live in a healthy manner, way.

    NOVEMBER 16,1999 AT 1:08 P.M.


    "I am Saint Robert Bellarmine. This
    Gift of Divine Love The Father has so
    generously given at this time, instructing in
    so many ways on the Beauty of Sainthood, the
    Importance of Sainthood, and the Love in the
    Goal for which human life was created, to one
    day become a Saint and be with The Father
    Forever, in a manner and in a way different
    than the earthly way, but a way of beauty, a
    way different than any human can conceive,
    perceive in the human way.

    Today as I speak, I speak with a deep
    love for human life, for as I walked that way I
    was privileged to be able to understand in an
    in-depth manner, degree, that as a human
    man I had a Goal to reach of a Greater

    It is sad to not hear those who are yet
    in the human living way, ever think of what is
    to come, and the importance of how to pray
    for strength in moral ways, giving hope, trust
    in the future that, though it is different, it is
    of the highest degree for the Soul that any
    human being can reach for.

    Death is not the end. The human body
    was not destined to live forever in the human
    form, but the human body and mind were
    given insight, intellect, and an innate
    understanding about so many things, the
    desire first of all to live in a healthy manner,
    way; another desire, to reach a Goal not able
    to be seen, and yet an innate understanding of
    the presence of the Goal, because
    intellectually, no matter what degree an
    individual is able to obtain, basically each
    human life understands there to be a Goal for
    life other than what they practice daily.

    When The Father permits One of Us to
    speak it is a privilege beyond what I can tell
    you, because as a Saint it is Our desire to
    instruct those yet to become Saints to better
    understand, to more fully comprehend that
    human life is the beginning, not the end, and
    human life has the privilege to one day reside
    with The Father in a manner, a way different,
    but the Ultimate Goal for the Soul, that is
    evident in human life knowing there is a
    right, there is a wrong, there is truth, there is
    untruth, there is Something that constantly
    says there is a Creator that Exists, that is
    beyond human understanding.

    This Miracle The Father has given to
    the world constantly instructs on the
    Importance of the Soul, and that each human
    being has the privilege to be given a Soul at
    the moment of his or her conception, thus
    assuring the individual that human life has a
    Purpose, and through human life there is a
    Goal. This should be understandable, because
    even the smallest child desires to achieve in
    some way, some form, some manner,
    something other than what he or she has or

    Today as I speak, it is with deep love
    for human life, for I, too, once walked the
    role, and it is through The Father's Love I am
    able to speak in Words understandable,
    encouraging those who are yet in the first
    stage of learning what a privilege human life
    is, that one day they will be judged by their
    conduct, their purity, their love for the Soul.

    I could speak endlessly on this subject,
    but it is important that I stay within the
    limits of what Others have given on the
    importance of human life, the Purpose for its
    Creation, and the Goal for which it was
    Created. So be it."

    Saint Joseph's Hill Of Hope
    Brea, California 92822 U.S.A.
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    witnessed by all those present at the time.
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