stage 14 predictions please

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another tough day but no mountain top finish
ill go for basso

A tough day indeed!

Kilometre 35: Col de Latrape (5 kilometres at 7.4 percent)
Kilometre 67: Col de la Core (13.4 kilometres at 6.6 percent)
Kilometre 103: Col du Portet d'Aspet (5.9 kilometres at 6.8 percent)
Kilometre 118.5: Col du Mente (7 kilometres at 8.2 percent)
Kilometre 156: Col du Portillon (8.3 kilometres at 6.9 percent)
Kilometre 180: Col du Peyresourde (13 kilometres at 7 percent)

Does ulrich still have trouble decending? it could be a good opportunity for lance or vino to try something!
I go with Simoni! On the last climb, Armstrong will lose the yellow jersey. Ullrich will be the new leader!
Ullrich has beaten Lance on the last two hilly stages, I suspect that we will see a change in the guard.

It looks like the bunch will allow the break to win.
From what I've read, it sounds like Lance and Ullrich have been well protected on this stage.
i16:51 CEST
The four sprint, and Simoni takes it ahead of Dufaux, Virenque and Peron. The Giro winner has finally justified his presence here in the best way possible after a disappointing start.

Beneteau comes in just out of reach and then Vinokourov and Mayo 40 seconds down.

Armstrong leads Zubeldia, Basso and Ullrich through 42 seconds behind them; Armstrong remains in yellow, but the top three on GC are now within 20 seconds of each other.

Hamilton and Menchov finish in a group 4.26 down. Riders will be coming in for an hour or so yet...
another great stage armstrong looked far more comfortable today , with ulrich looking the weaker .why do they keep letting vinokourov into the race ?