Stage 5: Piacenza - Cremona, TTT 38 km

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    I've certainly never ridden a TTT, but...
    But I recall Postal mostly all in the aero position when a certain C VandeVelde took himself and Heras down in the 2002 TdF.
    He bought himself a one way ticket off the team that day.
    So yes perhaps they recall that moment.

    Anyway, sure if they want to be "safe" they are on the hoods or drop or whatever and not in aero position.
    But it was not raining.
    It was not technical course.
    The most you could say was that Matt White and McCatrney were not drilled so they didnt take risks but...

    but the idea that the team would give away precious seconds in the biggest bunch of baloney and crap I have ever read. I like a lot of features on but at times Graham Watson ans the webguy need to seriously pull their noses out of LA's rear end and deal up the truth.

    Pretty funny that a website called paceline would completely screw-up the read of a real paceline moment.

    Only in the days of Lance when they freekin KNEW he was gonna win the GC was it credible that Postal would guage their efforts and hold back a little in a TTT so as to
    1. not blow out their riders who would have to be on the front for two weeks and/or
    2. take the jersey too early and have to defend it for three weeks.

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    Barn, paceline and drafting are techniques that I learned while running cross country and track in highschool almost 20 years ago. They are not as uncommon as you think.