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Jun 23, 2003
I'm looking to start training for a four day stage race taking place in August in Estes Park, CO. This is my first season on a road bike and, by the time August rolls around, I'll have a few cat 4/5 races under my belt. Basically, I'm wondering what is the best approach for training for the race. The first day is a 5k TT, then distances of between 50k and 90k in the three following days. There are some good climbs from what the profile looks like. Here's a link .Estes Stage Race. I'm going to have all of July and the first few weeks of August to concentrate on it so any advice you can give would be great. Thanks in advance.


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Mar 26, 2003

Start logging miles now. Get some races under your belt now also.

This is a stage race with an opening prologue. If you can time trial, and not let gaps open on the other days, you could win on the first day by smoking the TT.

Are you in Indiana??? If so, good luck bro, because Indiana is as flat as a pancake. You will have around 3500 feet of vertical gain on the last stage. Start climbing now, find a hill that is a mile long if possible and climb, climb, climb. Sprint over the top. Once a week, go long and do as many miles as you can, like 80-100+ miles if possible for 40 hilly mountain miles at altitude.

Get acclimated as soon as possible. Saturday's race (day 2), has a LOW point of 7480 feet above sea level. It takes about 2 weeks to really get with the program at altitude.

Good luck bro!!!

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