Stage Race Training


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Dec 18, 2001
later this year (june) i am entered into a 5day stage race that includes a hill climb time trial, 2 criteriums and long stage (120km) and a final time trial over 25km. over and above the trainging i am doing now: intervals twice a week, a hill climbing session and long rides or races on the weekends, does anyone have any suggestions as to what i may be missing or things i could improve apart from distance as i average 350 to 400 a week depending on time available....
Generic advise as I have no personal contact with you to know the real strenghts and weakness.

You got to get in at least 3 consecutive hard training days and be able to feel very comfortable after that intesnse period of days.

Too many people continue their generic training issue by many 'coaches' now based on Sunday racing. This does not apply to your case.

Concentrate on intervals and prolong them and you must master the 120km distance.

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