Stages pm on both road and mtb bikes?


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Feb 17, 2016
Hey guys, I'd like to find out if I can switch a Shimano Hollowtech Stages power meter between a road bike and a mountain bike. I assume the threads will be identical since both the 105 and the XT cranks are Hollowtech. I do realise that the Q-factor will be different on the two cranks.

I only want to buy one power meter to fit both bikes. If I get a 105 one will it fit my dual suspension MTB or will the left arm hit the chain stays? If I buy an XT power meter, I assume it should fit the 105 cranks with my left foot being slightly outwards due to the bigger Q-factor.

Has anyone ever done this? Does anyone use a MTB Stages on his road bike or vice-versa? Any advice will be more than welcome
Mar 28, 2016
Hi Pmxbass. You have it pretty well stated. It would theoretically fit, but the Q factors would be all of the place. Like you said, a road arm likely wouldn't clear the chain stay on your MTB. I wouldn't recommend it and have honestly never seen anyone pull this off. I would power up the bike you ride the most first. If you're 50/50 across both bikes...then the decision gets a bit more difficult :)


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Sep 7, 2017
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I bought used power meters for both road and MTB to manage cost. I don't think the power meter is as useful for measuring training stress score on the MTB - a lot of the time you are pumping the terrain with the cranks in the attack position and using your upper body more, which the PM can't capture. I consistently get a higher hrTSS than power TSS on the MTB.

Unfortunately it's a bit academic now - I destroyed my Quarq S2275 PM having a clipstack (falling over clipped in at low speed) on my Scalpel 29r at the Mont 24hr earlier this year and wiped out the battery compartment on a rock. :(

Still got the Power2Max on the roadie though. Very reliable. :)