Star Wars Episode II


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Jan 24, 2002
Watched it Saturday night at a swanky (yes with an s) cinema in London. Pretty good movie - more like the old Star War I remember from my early teens (gratuitous laser action) and less like Episode I (cute Jah Jah Binks rubbish).

Anyone else seen it? Actually I know it hasn't been released in South Africa yet and just trying to justify living in the land of eternal rain (UK)......

Bring on August and my return to SA. I hope I still remember how to stand upside down and will be able to deal with stress of watching the water swirling anticlockwise down the plug hole....
I saw the trailer and it looks good. Seems there is much more fighting in this episode. I agree with you Eldron, I also don't like the cutesy Jah Jah ****. I hate it when Hollywood try and make aliens, monkeys, monsters etc. act like humans, full of emotions and cute little smiles and flutter of the eyelids. I'm not talking animation here. That's fine. But when a T-Rex tilts his head to one side, bats his eyelids and smiles, I feel like throwing up.
But yeah, SW Episode II is difinitely on my list of 'To do' things.

Are you back for good in August? My sis-in-law returned from London last week (stayed there for a year) and she reckons that if Africa flows in your blood, there is almost no way you can get use to the British weather.
Agreed on mulchy holleywood animation....

Yeah back for good in August.

I've got mixed opinions on british weather. Winter is freekin cold but the country is set up for it (central heating, double glazing etc). 6 degrees is cold in SA because your house is 6 degrees (let's face it oil heaters etc don't work that well)whereas in the uk you can heat your house to whatever temp you like. I wear the same work clothes winter and summer just tale a coat with in winter for putting on while I duck between house, car and office.

Certainly if you're a outdoor oriented saffer (like me) there is no way you can enjoy british winters - british summers on the other hand (Darren!) are awesome. It's getting dark at around 8:30pm now so I can ride for 2-3 hours every night whereas SA I got home around 6pm and it's dark by 7pm = limited riding.

One thing I really miss is the FEEL of the sun - it's purely for lighting purposes in the UK and you don't get that toasty warm feel.

Been here just over a year and have realised SA is my country of choice - crime,corruption, politics are obvious negatives but as far as I'm concerned the reward easily justifies the risk. Viva South Africa!

Herewith endeth the politicky speak. Eldron jumps off his soapbox...
Saw it the day it came out, and loved it!

I don't wanna ruin it for anyone, but Yoda is in a one particular fight scene, and the whole movie is worth just this scene.

ozzult - agreed.

The audience at the cinema even started clapping and laughing when the scene came on!

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