Started biking again recently and im loving it. i need help deciding on a new bike


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Sep 7, 2016
When I was younger (and much shorter...old bike is way too small) I used to bike at least 15-20 miles 3-4 times a week. As I got older I didnt have the time anymore. Recently I have been borrowing my dads bike (Trek 720 with disc brakes). Even though his bike is perfectly fine, I would really like to get my own bike so that we can go on rides together. I would rather buy a used bike because I feel like i could go for an better bike that just has a few years under its belt. I am wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this approach...and if it is a pretty good idea are there any places that are the best bet for finding a good old bike. I am looking for under a thousand, but I am willing to go higher.

Thanks in advance for all the help
Obviously the best place to find used bikes is Craigslists but you have to patient for the right one to come along, and be willing to negotiate a better deal with the possibility if the price of the bike is too high and they don't want to come down you may have to walk away empty handed, but before you walk away you give them your number or e-mail if they change their mind, then forget about it unless they call.

Older vintage bikes takes some research to make sure you know you're getting a true vintage and not a piece of junk which so many are, and to make sure the original components that came on the bike are mostly still on which also makes it vintage. Some sellers will take the original components off and sell them, then slap on a lower cost modern cheap **** and sell the bike as vintage.
If you're liking the disc brakes and the newer 720 I'd give you the same advice. I'm dirt poor, had to get a bike for $40, nothing close to a thousand huh.? And I'm loving it! I had to wait a long time and had others looking that like to go to thrift stores. The best is at charity places, for instance, salvation army, habitat for humanity and a lot of city's have local stores as such. But if you have that kind of cash I don't see how you'd have a problem?????