Started power training but confused about not reaching VO2Max/Anaeroob heart rate

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    Hi all,

    New on this forum and not native english, so sorry for any typo's

    I started doing indoor power training with following setup:
    - Kurt Kinetic Road trainer with race bike
    - Garmin GSC-10 speed/cadence sensor
    - Garmin ANT usb stick
    - TrainerRoad subscription

    So I am training on Virtual Power until I can afford a true power meter.

    1st I have tested my FTP by doing the 20 minute test on TrainerRoad. It came up with a FTP of 262 (=3.08 FTP/kg)
    My max heart rate is 195 bpm, resting 45 bp, threshold 169, max 420 Watt, VO2Max 60 mml (all tested in lab.)

    Now I did a few workouts and I noticed when doing a V02Max/Anaerobic training that I do reach this zone based on power. If you look at this workout I am doing 30% of the time anaerobic training. But looking at heart rate I am doing only 14% above threshold and only 1% on VO2Max.

    My goal is to train on V02Max. Ofcourse I realize that heart rate is only slowly following the increasing power curve, but I am really in doubt wether my training if now effective since I am only in the zone for a few percent. Harder trainings like this I don't think I can sustain.

    Thanks in advance for any answers!