Starting anew!


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Jan 23, 2017

I'm new to this forum, but I've seen some of the great chats on here!

I need your help!

I'm looking for a decent road bike to help me commute, what would you recommend. I've had a lot of offline whisper telling me about a company called Roux Bikes, who do really nice ones and you can pay monthly which helps!

Any recommendations?
Welcome! Are you located in the UK?
Also, we need to know what 'type' of road bike you're looking for for our commutes. There are all different types of bikes from race, to endurance, to fitness, mountain, hybrid, pure commute.. But, just because a bike is labelled 'commute' doesn't mean it's the right bike for you. I typically recommend someone in your situation to go into a local bike shop (not a big box store) and talk to someone, tell them our needs and see what they recommend and try it out and see if it's comfortable. It's also a good idea to tell them about your riding experience, any injuries you may have, etc.. so they can make the right recommendation for you.
I'm looking for something that I can use as a commuter bike, but also something I can take to the park and cycle around on grass and hills
I don't know much about Roux bikes, but looking on their website, they don't seem to be any more affordable than any other manufacturer that I've ever seen. With that said, If you're looking for grass and hills as well as commuting, you may want to look at an entry level Cyclocross bike. Not many bikes are designed to be good at road and offroad, but cyclocross is the exception to that rule. Most other bike types will be ok at one and bad at the other.
I'm going to be honest, I don't know anything about that brand, it's quality or the components on that bike.. Never heard of any of it, perhaps some other folks here have? But, that typically means it's like.. department store level and I tend top stay away from that because the stuff just isn't good quality.
There are some bike companies online you can check out.. I don't know if any offer financing, but you can look into that.
like Ribble, PlanetX, Performance Bicycle, etc.
That's ok, thank you for your help though! I will take a look at those ones you suggested though.

You know what you're talking about, I'm a total newbie about this!
I would also stay with a mainstream bike and not some off brand or department store bike. You should go down to local bike shops (LBS) and see what they have, also since you live in the UK try Ribble Cycles and Wiggle, those two seem to be lower costing then lBS but checkout LBS's in your area as well.